Join our language sessions!

Our sessions create an enjoyable environment where you can develop your language skills, either from scratch or as a refresher, and become familiar with other cultures.

Our Session Levels


Newbie/Beginner - 1

Designed for those who have zero or little working knowledge in the language. Learn the basics of the language such as the alphabet or writing system, pronunciation, grammar foundation and communication. 

Intermediate - 2/3

Students at this level can already hold a decent conversation in a wide variety of topics and have the ability to recognize and correct themselves when speaking. 

Advanced - 4

Tailored for those who wish to brush up or keep up with their language skills; this level emphasizes vocabulary expansion, acquisition of expressions and slang, and conversational competence. 

Registration is now closed for the Spring 2019 Semester.

Registering for Spanish? Please take a look at the placement guidelines to choose the level for you!

Our Policies


Be courteous to your ambassadors and peers.
Please do not take pictures of classroom materials, your ambassadors or peers. You may note things on a notebook or on handouts, but please do not be taking pictures or using your phone excessively during the session. Our ambassadors are there to share their knowledge of language and culture with you and your peers, so please be respectful at all times.


Be on time and be dedicated!

Please arrive on time and be attentive, and treat this session as you would any other class.

Have a great class!

Ask questions, practice, and enjoy learning!


When are classes? Where can I find the schedule for the upcoming semester?

Each language class meets for one hour each week with the exception of weather-related cancellations or nationally-observed holidays.


The class schedule for each semester is typically released the second week of the academic semester via the NUCALLS website and Facebook page. As we receive many emails every day, please check these sites to find registration information before emailing NUCALLS.


Can I join multiple classes?

You may register for multiple classes, but please only do so if you are absolutely sure that you will be able to fully commit to the classes you sign up for.

How big is the class size?

Class sizes range from one student to 30 students, depending on the language and level of a class. Advanced level 3 & 4 classes do tend to have fewer students than the beginner and intermediate level 1 & 2 classes.


Is attendance mandatory?

As our instructors are volunteers, we ask that students who register for a class commit to coming every week. If you are absolutely unable to attend a class, please be courteous and email your instructor in advance.


Registration is closed. Can I request to join the class?

Exceptions outside of normal registration are on a very strict case-by-case basis and inquiries should be sent to nucalls@gmail.com. Please note that the Executive Board reserves the right to firmly refuse late additions out of courtesy to our instructors and students.


I never received a confirmation email. Am I still part of the class?

We do not send confirmation emails until the day before your first class and not right after you register. If a very large number of students have registered for a particular class, we will limit the class size to those who registered earliest and email you if you are placed on the waitlist.

Another reason you may not have received a confirmation email is if you misspelled your email address in your application. We have seen typos such as "example@husky.edu.neu," "example@husky.neu," "example@husy.neu.edu." "example@huskey.neu.edu." etc.
PLEASE double check your application before submission.
Your email address is the most important part of your application. If you do not fill it out correctly you will not be enrolled in the class.


Who are the NUCALLS instructors?

Our instructors are also Northeastern students who are eager to share their language and culture with our vast community. We require that our instructors be completely fluent or a native speaker to teach level 2 and higher, or advanced to teach a level 1/ newbie class. Instructors must reapply each semester, and are interviewed by the executive board to determine compatibility and the most fitting level placement.


We are always looking for new instructors! Let us know at nucalls@gmail.com if you're interested in teaching.


Are classes open to NU undergraduates only?

No! Our classes are open to the entire Northeastern community, including faculty, staff, alumni, grad students, as well as students from schools in the area and individuals in the Greater Boston community. Everyone is also welcome to attend our various events throughout the semester!