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What I learned: Teaching German with NUCALLS

Learning with NUCALLS is fun… There is hardly anything as challenging but rewarding as learning a language, which is the key to every culture and its people. Speaking a language opens doors you might have never passed without knowing how to communicate with the guards. Last semester I taught German with NUCALLS, while learning my first few phrases in Japanese and refreshing my French. We all know this is a great opportunity to practice your language skills. NUCALLS provides such a friendly, familiar atmosphere, where you don’t have to feel bad for making mistakes, instead feeling great for accomplishments you have made in your language skills. To make the experience even more exiting for all

Pakistani-Americans Can Teach Arabic, Too

Arabic is a beautiful and complex language, and learning it is no easy feat. Learning it on your own certainly doesn't make it any easier, especially coming from a non-Arab background. As a Muslim, I fell in love with Arabic rather quickly, and it was always an adventure learning new words and grammatical structures every now and then. I didn't have a teacher, and no one in my family knew Arabic. My family spoke Urdu, in fact, which is very similar to Hindi, but still quite different from Arabic. However, I learned quite a bit from YouTube, books on Arabic grammar, and the Qur'an. After about two years of self-learning at a slow and steady pace, however, I seemed to have reached a plateau. I

A Note About English

English has a lot of funny words. Since its infancy as a monster baby of the Germanic and Romantic language trees, it is without saying that it is...unique. What's more, with nearly 200,000 active words in English, there are bound to be a couple that you hold especially dear. Here are a few of my personal favorites: 1.) Mellifluous: having a nice, smooth flowing sound. Ex. The mellifluous voice of the news anchor softened the words he was saying. 2.) Manifest: to show, or be apparent. Ex. Manifested in his eyes, it became apparent that no matter how many Amelia's burritos he ate, he would still feel empty. 3.) Qualm: worries or concerns Ex. All your qualms about exams will dwarf in size co

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