But Wait…There’s More! Free Language Resources Just For You

So you wanna learn a language? Well, congratulations on taking the first (and best!) step by being a part of NUCALLS. But I get it. Sometimes it’s hard to make your way to class with school, work, and life all vying for your attention. Or maybe you are taking advantage of Northeastern’s opportunities and are on co-op or a study abroad trip and you can’t make it to class.

No matter the case, here are some other FREE resources to supplement your NUCALLS language learning.


This free app mixes reading, writing, listening, and speaking to teach you an ever-growing list of languages. This app will even send you reminders so that you don’t forget to learn!

Take me there!


This free resource provides comprehensive lessons in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, and Chinese. It begins with a placement test that then provides you with information including crossword puzzles, vocabulary lists, and video lessons to help you learn at your level.

Go, NOW!


Free lessons via flaschards are offered on BUSUU’s app for Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese. However, BUSUU has a premium version from $5.41 that includes conversations with native speakers, a travel course, exercises, quizzes, and more.

YAY, I want in!


There are many clubs on campus that can help to enrich your learning experience by providing information on language, culture, and history. Check out orgsync to find out more!


While you may know Rosetta Stone as an expensive subscription service, some states offer it for free through the public libraries. This interactive program focuses on the student absorbing information, similar to when you learned your first language as a baby (but with quicker results!).


For free video, words, and access to curated youtube channels in many of the languages we teach. Check it out.

In addition to these resources, never forget that we live in a diverse community of students that spreads far beyond Northeastern’s campus. Ask a friend to help you practice speaking over coffee, or have them teach you a more about what makes their culture so wonderfully unique!

Now be off, young NUCALL-ers! Show the world what you know and make us proud back at home.

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