Our team of student ambassadors are the key to our language sessions. They are the drivers for sharing cultural insight and linguistic anecdotes with our ever-evolving community of eager language learners.

Are you passionate about the language(s) you speak? We are always looking for new ambassador to join our team! Please see below for some frequently asked questions and for more information on how you can apply.

The Instructors

Ambassador applications are currently closed.

Previous Ambassadors


Are ambassadors paid?

No. All of our ambassadors  are students who are volunteering their time, dedication and genuine interest in sharing their language and culture through their sessions.

This is not an official job position, and as NUCALLS is a student-run student organization, we are unable to serve as a formal job reference. Additionally, if you are a CEP student who is hoping to teach a sessions as part of your community service hours, you must make it known to and discuss it with the Executive Board prior to teaching.


What does the application process look like?

You should sign up for our newsletter and check "Interest in Teaching", like us on Facebook, and check our website for updates on when ambassador applications are open each semester! We typically open ambassador applications during the first week of the academic semester, and keep them open for approximately two weeks. *However, even if ambassador applications are closed, you can join our mailing list to receive the earliest updates on when new applications will be opening!*

Once all applications have been reviewed, you may receive an email inviting you to interview with the e-board, which will help us better determine if you are a good fit for our sessions and which level you would be best for. We will then make our final decisions and notify the appropriate individuals. 

There is a mandatory ambassador training workshop before the start of each semester, which is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions and connect with your fellow ambassador.

How often do sessions meet?
Each sessions meets 1 hour per week for one whole semester (i.e. Fall and Spring). Session start dates will be announced a day before via confirmation email after you register online.

What does the commitment look like?

If you join our team, we ask that you show up to all of your classes for the semester. If there are extraneous circumstances that occur on an ad-hoc basis, you may cancel your session and either reschedule a one-hour session on the weekend or send your students make-up materials instead. 

Sessions are one hour a week, but you should also estimate 30min+ to prepare for each class.

If you are interested in and are able to teach more than one sessions of the same language or more than one sessionof different languages, please let us know when you apply or at your interview!


When do I teach? How long do I teach for?

When you fill out your application to teach, we will ask for your time preferences and will do our best to accommodate your availability. Our session schedule generally coincides with that of the university- NUCALLS classes will typically begin the 3rd week of Northeastern classes during the Fall and Spring semesters and end the week before finals.


However, it is up to your discretion to end class two weeks before the last day of Northeastern classes end in anticipation of finals preparation and final exams.

I am not completely fluent, but I would still like to teach. Is this possible?

NUCALLS requires that you are at least at an advanced proficiency level in order to teach a Newbie/ Level 1 class. To ensure that our sessions are of high quality, we cannot accept ambassadors who do not have ample competence in the language they hope to teach.

If you are concerned or unsure, you may email us and we can discuss your situation.

I don't have any experience teaching. Can I still apply?

No previous teaching experience is required, although prior tutoring or TA'ing is certainly helpful in the role of a NUCALLS language ambassador. All new and returning ambassadors are required to take part in our mandatory ambassadorr training workshop at prior to classes each semester.


Additionally, we provide our ambassadors with a general curriculum/ syllabi, supplementary language books, flashcards, and other materials. If you are interested in borrowing any of our teaching materials, simply reach out via email so that we can make arrangements. 

If you have questions at any point in the semester, our E-Board is happy to assist you as best as we can!

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